Fundraiser Information
Looking for a fundraising opportunity?

 The Mayhem Mansion offers an easy and profitable solution. Our presale ticket program allows your organization to sell discounted tickets to the Mayhem Mansion and the Haverford Hollow Trail for the 2018 season. With our program your organization will make a $5 profit on every ticket sold. How much is earned is up to you!

Your profit possibilities: $5.00 per ticket. 20 members sell 10 tickets each = $1,000.00 profit.

Benefits to our program:

Risk free! No money up front. Your group sells as many tickets as they can.

Each combination ticket is sold for just $15.00

Distribution options

Our program is open to all groups, large or small. This fundraiser works whether you are only a few people trying to raise money or a large crowd.


We look forward to helping you with your next fundraiser.

Interested in the program or questions Contact Us

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