Havorford's Hollow presents

Terror in the Woods Zombie paintball challenge!
Come join us on this interactive zombie trail! 
Shoot the zombies before they get you!

T-Shirts available for purchase.

Once you survive to the check point you will be re-filled with more ammo.
If you are eaten by a zombie you may continue your hunt but cannot shoot the zombie that bit you.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled time!


  • Pricing: Zombie challenge - $14, Shooting range- closed

  • What is the Zombie paintball challenge: It is a half mile course that you must navigate with your group to avoid being "bitten" grabbed by 1 or more of our zombies. To "kill" the zombies you must shoot them in the head. Get to the check point - Kenton Station - and you will be reloaded with more ammo. If you have been "bitten" you continue play but can not shoot the zombie that "bit" you.

  • Target Range: CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS!!! Before you start you can practice on our zombie shooting range to get a feel for these low impact, spring/pump action shotgun paintball guns.

  • Requirements: Minimum age is 10. Signed waivers for 18 and over, from 10 - 17 a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver. Face protection is required. You may bring your own or use one of our protective masks. You must stay on the trail path the entire time or you will be disqualified and must leave the course. DO NOT shoot the course monitors, they will be wearing a safety vest or you will be disqualified.

  • Time Limit: 25 minute time limit to complete the course. At the 25 minute mark the interactive game is over and you must leave the course.

  • Reservations: They are encouraged but not required. We will take walk-ups. However, a reservation will take priority over a walk up customer. Groups of 6-10.

  • Dates/Times Open: Friday's 8pm til Midnight, Saturday's 8pm til Midnight. Ticket sales end at 11:30pm


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